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This lovely piece pays homage to the flower fields and childhood escape that Howl gifts to Sophie. â‚ŠËšâœ§ð‘.ೃ࿔*:·


Taking notes from the scattered pink, white and yellow flowers scattered along the lush hillsides, this beautifully simple necklace is delicate and dainty with the softest colour palette.


Freshwater pearls, stainless steel findings, gold plated heart charm, shell flower beads, acrylic flower beads and leaves.
Lovingly handmade, individually beaded.

A Gift for my Sophie

SKU: sg00186
  • Pearls:

    • Wear your pearls! They love to absorb the natural oils from your skin.
    • Gently wipe your pearls with a soft cloth to help remove any sweat, perfume or excess oil and dirt before you store them in a soft pouch or cloth.
    • Due to pearls being porous, keep them away from any harsh chemicals such as perfumes, hairspray, cosmetics, bleach, chlorine etc.


    • Be careful not to tug or accidentally yank necklaces as they could possibly break! Treat them with love and care.
    • If dirty, wipe down with a cloth to remove excess dirt and oils.
    • It is possible to wear them to the beach or to go swimming in, but be careful with regards to sunscreens and chlorine! These could possibly damage specific beads.
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