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Stainless steel and Freshwater pearls. A delicate concoction of two wonderful materials, this necklace is the perfect in-between for those not ready to go full-on Spacey Gemz but want something a bit more elevated. On the longer side, so it sits well with a v-neck top.

Simple Stacks

SKU: sg00118
  • Pearls:

    • Wear your pearls! They love to absorb the natural oils from your skin.
    • Gently wipe your pearls with a soft cloth to help remove any sweat, perfume or excess oil and dirt before you store them in a soft pouch or cloth.
    • Due to pearls being porous, keep them away from any harsh chemicals such as perfumes, hairspray, cosmetics, bleach, chlorine etc.


    • Be careful not to tug or accidentally yank necklaces as they could possibly break! Treat them with love and care.
    • If dirty, wipe down with a cloth to remove excess dirt and oils.
    • It is possible to wear them to the beach or to go swimming in, but be careful with regards to sunscreens and chlorine! These could possibly damage specific beads.
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